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      [Pg 38]"I'm working alright, if that's what you[Pg 205] mean," said the other, averting his eyes. Then he looked very hard at Rose, and the expression on his features altered to mild astonishment.

      "Dreadfully," said Rose, without a trace of disrespect. "The books you read!""No, sir, he weren't walking at all. He'd fallen into the chalk pit just by Rock's Bottom."

      The Clockwork man emitted a faint, cacophonous cackle.

      "Well, isn't that what conjurers are supposed to do?" observed the Doctor, blandly.

      "My sakes! yo' pow'ful welcome, Mr. Wholesome; just wait till I call off my dogs, sir, and I'll let you in."THE MYSTERY OF THE CLOCKWORK MAN


      [Pg 67]



      The strange figure was flapping his earsflapping them violently backwards and forwards, with an almost inconceivable rapidity!